After School Programs

Extending the Town experience.

Our school is perhaps just as lively a place after the regular classes end. For younger students, after school options include the Nursery 3 extended day, the mixed age group casual setting of Clubhouse, or Postscript classes such as woodworking, cooking, robotics, chess, Spanish, filmmaking, theater workshops, and jujitsu. Older students have options ranging from homework help to sports teams.


Clubhouse offers a family-like setting featuring a mixed age group, an opportunity for daily choices and casual play. The program provides an extended day option for Town School students and is designed to maximize their occasion for socialization and play. The program is also useful as a perfect meeting place for playdates. Parents can enroll their child for regular attendance each trimester, or use the program as needed for a daily drop-in option.


The Postscript after school program includes a range of activities for children 1st grade and up. Some favorites are jujitsu, computer, woodworking, cooking, art, fencing and sports. Postscript courses are offered on specific days and students may be enrolled before the beginning of each semester. Jr. Postscript offers a selection of courses appropriate for Nursery 4 and Kindergarten students.

Nursery 3 Extended Day

The Nursery 3 Extended Day program offers families an option to extend the school day until 2:30pm two or four days per week. Parents have two opportunities to sign up for Winter and Spring sessions.


For more details about any of the programs above, contact us:


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