Our COVID-19 protocols support engaging, in-person learning for all students.


How we get to school.

Transportation and COVID-19 Safety Measures

We have had a wonderful year at Town and we are so grateful to have safely maintained our in-person learning model, including supporting a variety of transportation options for families and employees. We have maintained our early drop-off and after-school care options to support families, with procedures designed around physical distancing and maintaining student cohorts. We have also maintained Town's East and West Side morning shuttle bus service (with larger buses to allow distancing) and NYC-run school bus service this year. Below are the many ways our community travels to school; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Our community travels from over 50 zip codes. 

Town families travel from as close as the apartment building next door and as far as New Jersey and Staten Island, and we use every type of transportation available to New Yorkers. Flexible drop-off times (as early as 7:30am) and after-school care (as late as 6:00pm) are available to help meet as many different family schedules as possible. Our ways of traveling to school are so varied our Nursery 4 students keep a classroom graph, using their math and data skills to discuss how they and their classmates get to school each day! Read more below, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

On foot

Many families walk all or part of their way to school. Our quiet cul-de-sac, with friendly Town staff greeting each morning, feels like an extension of the school, and you'll often see children running or skipping once they hit the home stretch. 

Scooters and bicycles

Our scooter docks out front of the school are packed, especially in nice weather! Some students "scoot" all the way to school, while others hop off the train or out of a cab to roll their way through just the last few blocks. Head of School Doug Brophy even has his own scooter and loves joining his daughter on their trip to school each day. 

Several Town faculty and staff members are bicycle commuters, traveling from all over the city. Though we do not have extensive bike storage outside the school, we're happy to discuss how bicycling to school might work for your family. 

Town's free morning shuttle buses

Town runs free morning shuttle buses for students, faculty, and staff to help make the commute to school a little easier for those traveling to the Upper East Side by subway or from the West Side. Students in Kindergarten and younger must ride the shuttle bus with a parent.

Two stops on the Upper West Side

  • Near the 96th Street 1 train stop
  • Near the 81st Street B/C train stop

Two stops on the Upper East Side

  • Near the 96th Street 6 train stop
  • Near the 77th Street 6 train stop

Public transportation: bus or subway

Almost all students are eligible for a free full-fare MetroCard (as long as you live a 1/2 mile or more away from school), and some of our older students begin to ride the subway or bus on their own around 7th or 8th grade - checking in with parents as soon as they arrive at school, of course! Learn more about the student MetroCard program on the Department of Education website. Town takes care of the application process for all families and distributes the cards to students when school begins in September.

NYC public school bus

Families may be eligible for free New York City school bus service to and from school, depending on your address and the age of your child. Town liaises with the Department of Pupil Transportation to submit all requests for bus service and help develop the bus routes for Town students, and we carefully monitor every child riding the bus to or from school. Children riding the bus in the morning are met by a Town staff member and supervised by a teacher until it's time to head upstairs to class. In the afternoon, children riding the bus are escorted by a teacher onto the bus. Note: families may choose either a student MetroCard or public school bus service, but not both.


We are always happy to help connect families with nearby neighbors to discuss carpooling options; recent partnerships have included carpools from downtown Manhattan and from Brooklyn. 

Taxi or family car

Yellow cabs, ride services, and private cars are also common commute methods, and our dedicated, kind maintenance team members keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely at drop-off and pick-up times.

NYC Ferry

A current Town family living in the Bronx shortened their morning commute to Town by 40 minutes by switching to a combination of riding the ferry to 90th Street and then getting on the subway! Check out the service map and schedules to see if a ferry ride might be a fit for your family.