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Before and After School Programs

Extending the Town experience.

Our school is perhaps just as lively a place before and after the regular class day. Most mornings you will find students at chorus or dance rehearsals or sports practices, and after school students of all ages engage in optional classes and activities.

Early Drop-Off.

To help support families' busy schedules, Town offers supervised early drop-off as early as 7:30am for students who need to arrive at school prior to the opening of classrooms. On a given morning you will find mixed-age groups of students reading or reviewing homework, enjoying a lively game of Go Fish, or creating LEGO masterpieces in their few moments of relaxed time before the school day begins. 

Before-school activities. 

Lower School Chorus (open to grades 2 - 4) or Upper School Chorus (open to grades 5 - 8). The choruses perform frequently at All School Assemblies as well as at special Town events such as All School Graduation. The groups meet one day per week before school at 7:45am.

Town Grooves Dance Group: Led by Town's dance teachers, Town Grooves is a before-school dance ensemble for students in 2nd - 8th grades. Students meet once a week from 7:45 to 8:15am to learn choreography and create a dance performance to be shared with the community at an upcoming All School Assembly. There are multiple Town Grooves sessions per year. 

Nursery 3 Extended Day.

The Nursery 3 Extended Day program offers families an option to extend the school day until 2:30pm (free of charge). Students bring lunch, have a rest period, and then enjoy choice time, art projects, and other activities.

Upper School sports teams.

Town offers seasonal sports teams for 5th - 8th grade students: soccer, basketball, baseball and softball, and track and field. The mission of the athletics program at Town is to provide opportunities for all students to be successful while working on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Town is committed to the physical and emotional well-being of student-athletes and to the social development of the whole person.

After-school classes and activities.

Town offers a range of optional classes and activities after school. For more details about any of these programs and associated fees, contact

Clubhouse offers a family-like setting featuring a mixed age group, an opportunity for daily choices, and casual play. The program provides an extended day option for Town School students and is designed to maximize their opportunities for socialization and play. Parents can enroll their child for regular attendance each trimester, or use the program as needed for a daily drop-in option.

After-School Classes: Postscript, Jr. Postscript, and Sr. Postscript after-school programs includes a range of activities for children in Nursery 4 - 8th grades. The classes are taught by a mix of Town faculty members and outside experts.

  • Current classes include Mandarin and French language instruction, cooking, woodworking, coding, dance/choreography, art, chess, multi-sports program, and LEGO robotics.
  • We offer two class terms each year, and children may elect a new class in January, or continue with a class they love.
  • Fees range from $650 to $800 per class, depending on the number of sessions in a 16-week semester. 

Private instrumental lessons are available to children in 1st through 8th grades, and may be scheduled to take place at school. We work with an outstanding group of highly qualified teachers, and lessons are coordinated by a Town music teacher.

Upper School Band (usually configured as a rock band) meets once a week with a faculty mentor after school from 3:45 - 4:30pm. Any instrumentalists or singers in 5th - 8th grades are welcome to join. The band generally performs three times a year at All School Assemblies. Current members include violinists, keyboard players, singers, guitarists, and percussionists.

Upper School LEGO Robotics Program: 

  • Town’s FIRST LEGO League team is perfect for students who have a high level of teamwork, collaboration, and self-motivation skills - and are looking to take those skills even further, including to city-wide competitions. In addition to designing and programming LEGO robots, the team must choose and develop a research topic based on the yearly theme, create a presentation, and actively demonstrate the Core Values of the FIRST LEGO League. 
  • Town’s Level One Robotics Team (LORT) is an introduction into the world of LEGO Robotics. Working together, students will develop the fundamental skills of collaboration, problem solving, computational thinking, and programming.


For more details about any of the programs above, contact us:


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