Our COVID-19 protocols support engaging, in-person learning for all students.

Interactive Curriculum Guide

At Town we emphasize with our students the importance of knowing yourself as a learner, and we hope this interactive overview of our curriculum allows you to engage with the content in the way that best suits your own learning style! Click the titles below to read introductory information, and then use the grade level or curriculum filters to choose your own view of a Town student's learning journey.

We are proud and grateful to have been able to safely offer in-person learning for all students throughout 2020-21!  As we look ahead to the  2021-22 school year, we expect to return to many aspects of our more typical school model such as sports competition with other schools, regular field trips, and shared use of our special learning spaces such as the Gym, Library, Theater, and Arts Wing -- all in accordance with the most current health and safety protocols. We will post an overview of our fall 2021 school opening plan this summer. If you have any questions, reach out to us any time! 

Welcome from Head of School and Academic Dean

Thank you for your interest in Town, where we celebrate our students’ emerging selves while challenging them to reach their potential as independent learners. As a coeducational, Nursery-8th grade school, we possess an in-depth understanding of how children at this age learn and succeed and promote each student’s personal and intellectual growth. 

Our school is a vibrant community of learners - including our exceptional faculty - who regularly question assumptions, take risks, and embrace different points of view. From Nursery 3 through 8th grade, our students are immersed in an engaging, challenging, inquiry-based curriculum that builds self-confidence, develops authentic leadership, and instills a love of learning. 

Town students stretch their imaginations and widen their perspectives, mastering content and developing skills of analysis, communication, creativity, leadership, and collaboration — all essential ingredients to thrive in high school and as engaged citizens in their diverse and changing world. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Town to learn more about our academic program and our community!  

Douglas Brophy
Head of School
Parent, Class of 2025

Janie Vance
Academic Dean
Parent, Class of 2022

We believe that joy and healthy struggle are fundamental to deep learning. 

We believe that authentic learning is experiential and asks students to think about the best way to investigate a topic, take risks, and evaluate outcomes. At Town, students are encouraged to remain curious, seek answers to their own questions, and push the boundaries of their knowledge and abilities. 

The goal of our N–8 model is to cultivate academic and personal growth in our students, developing leadership and independence at a young age.  

Town’s rigorous academic program is designed specifically for children ages 3 through 14. Our curriculum is focused on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that children need for success in secondary school, college, and life beyond Town. 

Town’s ethical code S.O.S.—taking care of Self, Others, Surroundings—and our statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  are infused into everyday life at Town and woven through curriculum at every stage.  Sustainability is taught at every grade in a developmentally appropriate way, underscoring the connections between equity, environment, and economics.

The high school application process is a culminating experience for students. It provides the opportunity to put into practice the self-knowledge and self-advocacy they have developed during their time at Town.

Sample Schedules

2020-21 Physically-Distanced, In-Person Learning Model

Distance Learning Model


This is a draft sample of one day; start and end times and class periods will remain consistent, but your child’s final schedule and lessons will shift somewhat each day of the week as "specials" classes rotate through the days. Unless noted as “async” classes will be taught live.

8:30-9:00     Morning Meeting
9:00-9:15     Fundations
9:15-9:45     Async Class/Play Time
9:45-10:15       Small Group- Math
10:15-10:45     Async Class/Play Time
10:45-11:15     Small Group- Reading
11:15-11:45     Async Class/Play Time
11:45-12:15     Specialist Class (Dance, Art, Music, Library, or PE)
12:15-1:00       Lunch/Rest
1:00-1:30     Exploration/ Choice Time with teacher
1:30-2:00     Story/Closing Meeting

Typical Learning Model

(no restrictions for physical distancing, learning in our usual spaces) 

Division Overviews

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