Long-Range Planning

Making our great school even better.

September 13, 2019

Dear Town Community,

During my first year as Head of School, I was often asked about my vision for Town, to which I responded that first I must listen and learn. In May I shared my top priorities centered around academic excellence, the structures and teams needed to support that excellence, school safety, ensuring access and voice for all members of our community, and ensuring Town remains competitive as both a school of choice for families and as an institution whose graduates are sought after by high schools. We made important progress around these goals last year, and now we are excited to deepen and extend this work with a year of Long-Range Planning, focusing on data-gathering, reflection, and plan design. In addition to the steering committee listed below, we are partnering with Triangle Associates, a firm deeply expert in helping schools excavate and articulate institutional priorities and develop strategic goals. My objective is for this process to be inclusive, transparent, and authentic, resulting in a plan for Town’s future that is mission-based and actionable, as we make our great school even better.
Our community's voices are essential as we begin Long-Range Planning for Town. To ensure that our planning is inclusive, we have invited all current parents, trustees, faculty, and staff as well as all alumni/ae families and former faculty, staff, and Trustees to complete a survey and attend a Town Hall meeting.

Long-Range Planning is an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of our school and, for me as Head of School, to focus our initiatives going forward around the priorities that are most important for our students’ success. Thank you for lending your voice and insights to this process, and I will update you regularly about our progress. 

As always, please reach out with thoughts and questions.

Doug Signature First Name.jpg

Douglas Brophy
Head of School
Parent, Class of 2025

Timeline for the overall planning process

September 13 - October 11 Community survey.

November 12 - 14, 2019 Focus groups of parents, employees, alumni/ae, trustees, and Upper School students; times to be announced. In order to ensure a broad range of perspectives, participation in focus groups will be by invitation only.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Town Hall meeting open to all Town community adults 4:00 - 5:00pm in the Library.

Early December 2019 The Steering Committee will review all data from the community survey, focus groups, and the Town Hall meeting.

Early February 2020 Multi-Stakeholder Workshops including the Steering Committee, Trustees, and Admin Team. These workshops will be facilitated by our Long-Range Planning consultants, Triangle Associates, with a goal of beginning to translate data into a plan.  

March 2020 Steering Committee members will collaborate to draft Town’s Long-Range Plan. The Committee will invite feedback from the Board of Trustees and Admin Team.

End of May 2020 Long-Range Plan will be shared with the entire Town community. 

Summer and Fall 2020 Implementation of the plan begins via Long-Range Plan sub-committees.

Long-Range Planning Steering Committee

Yuko Abe, Nursery 4 Co-Head Teacher
Doug Brophy, Head of School, Parent, Committee Chair
Jamie Brown, Parent
Troy Clair, Alumnus
Johnny Cook, Upper School Science Teacher
Peter Evans, Trustee, Parent
Rene Florville, Trustee, Parent
Freda Gimpel, Chief Financial Officer
Chelsea Koenig, N-K through 2nd Grade Dance Teacher, Performing Arts Coordinator
Emily Kreiner, First Grade Co-Head Teacher, Parent
Zainab Miller, Parents' Association President
Grant Olds, Director of Technology
Steven Rachmuth, Coordinator of After-School Programs, Alumnus
Valerie Russo, Board Chair, Parent 
Janie Vance, Academic Dean, Parent


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New York 10021
p 212-288-4383
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