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Learning Goals

Dynamic learning goals align and animate our curriculum.

Joy and curiosity are inherent to all learning at Town. The following learning goals inform our curriculum from Nursery 3 through 8th grade.


Students remain creative in their learning and expression, using imagination and insight to produce original and useful ideas and solutions.

Open mindedness.

Students learn to collaborate effectively and value the exchange of diverse ideas, opinions, and cultural perspectives.


Students effectively represent and express their ideas in many genres and media and to varied audiences.


Students are self aware and reflective and are active participants in their own learning and development as people.


Students are increasingly able to transfer curricular content and skills to new learning.


Students demonstrate respect and empathy for others.


Students make informed and ethical decisions, taking responsibility for their own actions and becoming positive and helpful members of their communities.

Critical thinking.

Students develop skills in critical and logical thinking, using analysis and evaluation to come to reasoned judgments.


Students are willing to be flexible, independent, and courageous in the pursuit of learning and persevere in the face of challenges.

Lifelong learning.

Students are prepared to meet the challenges of a demanding secondary education and continue on the path of lifelong learning.


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