Living our commitment to respect and inclusion.

Why is diversity important to Town?

Town, like other independent schools, defines diversity as a focus on race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure, and religion. But a simple definition does not encompass the full breadth and depth of what diversity can mean to a school. Diversity is a reflection of the way the world really is: we at Town acknowledge diversity as an encounter with differences in identity, experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, and ideas. These differences can be simple or profound. Diversity is central to Town’s mission and core values.

A diverse school community is imperative for promoting a culture of respect, social awareness, moral responsibility, and academic excellence.

Diversity involves issues of moral and ethical courage. We champion diversity because it is the right thing to do. This means that we don’t just accommodate diversity—we embrace it. It is a powerful thing to say to our community that making our school more diverse is an ethical imperative from which we simply cannot turn away. And we teach our students an important lesson when they see the adults of their school community acting as moral agents—as changers of our school and, by extension, the world. It enhances educational excellence.

Diversity prepares students for their world.

Our students must be prepared for a global society. A school’s vibrancy is enhanced when there is a diverse collection of people, opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs within the school community. And a diverse school is simply an ethical imperative. These are the three core reasons why diversity is important at Town. Our city and nation become more diverse with each passing day. It is clear our students will grow up in a world that is increasingly more diverse. We must provide them with an educational experience that reflects this reality and prepares them to be the leaders of the world of the future—their world.

How does the Town community engage with and celebrate diversity?

  • Director of Community and Diversity
  • Parents of Children of Color Affinity Group
  • Faculty S.E.E.D. Group (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity)
  • Faculty Affinity Groups
  • Student Process Groups
  • Board of Trustees Diversity Committee

While all aspects of diversity are important, these are a few highlighted statistics:

  • 19% of the student body receives financial aid
  • Gender balance: 1:1
  • 36% of students identify as people of color
  • 34% of Faculty and Staff identitfy as people of color
If you would like to know more about diversity at Town, please contact us: info@townschool.org

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