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Faculty and Staff Directory

The people behind our program.

Welcome to Town's faculty and staff directory! To reach any Town faculty or staff member listed below, please contact the front desk at 212-288-4383 and the receptionist will be happy to connect you.

You may also email info@townschool.org with questions any time.

2021-2022 Faculty and Staff

Emily Abbott Davis, Manager, Advancement Services & Constituent Relations

Yuko Abe, Nursery 4 Co-Head Teacher

Ronald Alvia, Finance Manager

Juana Arias, Kitchen Staff

Deborah Ashe, Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Philip Bien '95,  Director of Institutional Advancement

Sarah Blakeley, Upper School Math Teacher

Angela Bone, Nursery 3 Co-Head Teacher

Stefanie Boutis, Physical Education & Athletics Teacher and 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Jason Bossart, Chief Operating Officer

Douglas Brophy, Head of School

April Broussard, Upper School Spanish & 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Andrew Carr, Kindergarten Co-Head Teacher

Meghan Carter, 3rd - 8th Grade Dance Teacher

Jehanne Catalano, 4th-8th Grade French & 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Andrea Chavez, Kindergarten Associate Teacher

Angela Cheung, Lower School Science Teacher

N. Shawn Chisty, 2nd Grade Co-Head Teacher

Ava Collins, N4-4th Grade Math Specialist

Johnny Cook, 7th-8th Grade Science & 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Ellen Cookson, 3rd-4th Grade Literacy Specialist

Carol Croland, Upper School Learning Specialist

Brenda Cruz, Upper School Math & 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Nicole D'Amico, Kindergarten Co-Head Teacher

Brenda Daniels, 4th-6th Grade Learning Specialist & 5North Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Vincenza De Caro, Receptionist & Transportation Coordinator

Alysa Delerme, 1st Grade Co-Head Teacher

Courtney Dougherty, Assistant Head of Upper School, 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Zachary Ehrenfreund, 4th-8th Drama & 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Rachel Ellis, Kindergarten Teacher

Mauro Felipe, Maintenance Staff

Alison Flannery, Head of the Nursery-Kindergarten Division

Rosa Franco, Head Chef & Manager

Carol Genirs, Senior Admissions Associate

Azalia Garcia, Kindergarten Co-Head Teacher

Joshua Ginzberg, Upper School Latin and Homeroom Teacher

Hilarie Goodenough, Upper School Art & 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Elisabeth Gordon, 7th Grade English & 8th Grade History & 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Karen Grenke, Library Co-Director

Kelly Gruen, Director of Finance and HR

Lauren Hammonds, 5th-6th Grade Reading Specialist & Reading/Writing Skills & 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Stella Heyliger-Mulatu, 1st Grade Co-Head Teacher

Kenneth Higgins, 4th-8th Music & 8th Homeroom Teacher/Advisor; Sustainability Coordinator

Erica Hoffman, Assistant to the Academic Team

Nina Holmes, HR & Operations Coordinator

Emilie Hotz, Nursery 4 Associate Teacher

Matthew Ivas, Facilities Director

Lily Kalikow, 1st Co-Head Grade Teacher

Chelsea Koenig-Foster, N-K-2nd Grade Dance Teacher; Performing Arts Coordinator

Alison Koss, 6th Grade English, Writing, Social Studies, and Homeroom Teacher/Advisor; Civic Engagement Program Coordinator

Emily Kreiner, 1st Grade Co-Head Teacher

Sarah Lee, 2nd Grade Co-Head Teacher

Darian Levin, Upper School Math & 5North Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Bob Levine, 3rd Grade Co-Head Teacher

Ginger Loor, Assistant to the Head of School

Carlos Mangual Jr., Maintenance Staff

Carlos Mangual Sr.,  Maintenance Supervisor

John (Jack) Mansager, Upper School Tech Integrator & Music Teacher

Johanni Marte, Nursery 3 Co-Head Teacher

Joseph Martinez, After School Security/Receptionist

Monica Masterson, Director of Auxillary Programs

William (Bill) McCartney, Director of Placement; 7th Grade History, 8th Grade English and Homeroom Teacher

Mary Mendez, 4th Grade Co-Head Teacher

Cynthia Millman, Library Co-Director

Viorica Morris-Stan, Kindergarten-4th Grade Art Teacher

Karen Mulqueen, 3rd Grade Co-Head Teacher

Regan Murphy, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni/ae Affairs

Alison Mirylees, 4th Grade Co-Head Teacher

Alice Nissen, 2nd-3rd Grade Music Teacher

Grant Olds, Director of Technology

Raffaella Palacardo, Admissions Associate

Garth Pearl, 4th Grade Co-Head Teacher

Kristen Pedersen, N3-3rd Grade Learning Specialist

Carlos Pelaez, Kitchen Staff

Jacqueline Pelzer, Executive Director, Early Steps

Stephen Petrillo, Director of Security, Transportation, and Neighborhood Relations

Gregory Pitz, Physical Education & Athletics Teacher

Roger Polanco Rada, Maintenance Staff

Steven Rachmuth, After-School and Auxiliary Programs Director

Maria Robilotto, School Nurse

Sarah Robotham, 3rd Grade Co-Head Teacher

Alexis Roman, Kindergarten Co-Head Teacher

Pierangelo Rossi, Director of Equity and Community Action

Wendy Rose Sanchez, LS - 6th Grade Spanish Teacher

Eileen Rush, 1st-2nd Grade Literacy Specialist

Catherine Saccone, Clubhouse Staff

Michael Saccone, Kitchen Staff

Alexander Santana, IT Support Coordinator

Carol Seeley, Head of Upper School

Issac Silberstein, Upper School Psychologist

Bethany Stallings, Director of Physical Education & Athletics

Albin Stenka, Building Engineer

Kari Strong, 2nd Grade Co-Head Teacher

David Tomé, Physical Education & Athletics Teacher

Alyna Tysk, Nursery 4 Co-Head Teacher

Janie Vance, Academic Dean

Marjorie Vereen, 5th-6th Grade Science & 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher/Advisor

Ryan Vereen, IT Operations Manager

Julio Villacres, Kitchen Staff

Camille Waugh, Business Office Specialist

Jodie Wilkerson, Director of Communications

Cindy Wong, Assistant Kitchen Manager/Chef

Johnson Wong, Physical Education & Athletics Teacher

David Andrew Wood, Head of Lower School

Mary Yang, N-K & Lower School Music Teacher

Monica Zweig, N3-4th Grade Psychologist