Supporting Town's mission and community.


The Town School Board of Trustees is our primary governing body, charged with upholding the school's mission, managing Town's financial resources, and working with the Head of School in strategic long-term planning to best serve present and future generations. The school community is kept informed of the work of the Trustees through several ongoing communication platforms including the annual “state of the school” presentation for all parents.

Town's Board of Trustees consists of the members listed below. The Board presently includes current and past Town parents, alumni/ae, and two faculty members.

Board of Trustees for 2020-21 School Year.

Douglas Brophy

Frank Chan

Jieun Choe

Ava Collins

Leon Dean

Peter Evans, Treasurer

Rene Florville

Heather Greer

Andrew Hofer

Alison Hunter

Jonathan Iger

Javaid Khan

Karyn Kornfeld, Vice Chair

Dana Ladden

Sally Klingenstein Martell

Paula McGlarry, Secretary

Zainab Miller

Lisa Morse

Iloire Nye

Jamieson Odell

Jacqui Pelzer

Reshan Richards

Valerie Russo, Chair

Jeffrey Stafford

Lizzie Tisch


540 East 76th Street
New York 10021
p 212-288-4383
f 212-988-5846