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Welcome from the Head of School.

Our school motto - Gaudeant Discentes, “let there be joy in learning” - is at the center of everything we do at Town, and you should know that our joy has purpose. For what better gift can we offer students in nursery through 8th grade than to foster their innate curiosity and model the joy of learning, hard work, accomplishment, creativity, great teaching, and community? This sense of joy guides our work with students and parents and is, along with excellent academic preparation and character development, what Town graduates bring with them as they encounter the world outside our walls.

Our website, filled with information, news, and photos, is intended to provide a glimpse into what makes Town special and unique. I think you will find it helpful in capturing our deep commitment to and passion for teaching and learning, guided by our mission and philosophy and informed by over 100 years of serving children and families in New York City.

What this website cannot fully capture, however, is the warmth of this special community. It is this aspect of Town that most parents note as the defining characteristic of the school, and it can only be experienced fully in person. Accordingly, I hope that you see our website not only as a definitive resource on all matters having to do with Town but also as an open invitation to visit Town to experience the joyful community that we find so special.

I look forward to meeting you.


Tony Featherston

Head of School

Strategic Vision Core Values.


We are each enriched by being part of a small, coeducational, Nursery through Eighth grade school community that values the connections to and the contributions of each member.

We believe that empathy is critical to being a global citizen and is greatly enhanced by our rich diversity.

We believe all members of the Town community can have a significant, positive impact as active members of our local and global community.


Our students, under the guidance of master teachers, develop knowledge, skills, and character with an N-8 curriculum that values excellence through effort, curiosity, resilience, humility, and passion.

Our students are inspired to be creative problem solvers, forceful advocates for their ideas, and to live Town’s motto of joy in learning in all they do.

Our students graduate with a clear sense of themselves as leaders, life-long learners, and global citizens.


We believe that nurture is essential to the healthy physical, emotional, and academic growth of children in Nursery through Eighth grade.

We believe that the careful and thoughtful nurture of our students allows them to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for success.

We believe that age-appropriate nurture develops students who are unafraid to take risks, who have the confidence and social-emotional development necessary to work collaboratively in a team or to pursue challenges on their own.


We believe in being both rooted in tradition and improved through innovation.

We endeavor to have our students embrace innovation as a mindset that leads to intellectual growth and prepares our graduates for the future.

We seek to cultivate curiosity and creative thinking in all students to help them be flexible in response to a changing world.

Strategic priorities.

Educational Excellence

Town’s past, present, and future are grounded in providing an excellent, well-rounded foundation for students in Nursery through Eighth grade.

Focused on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that our graduates need for success in secondary school, college, and life beyond, our students will learn about the world around them as well as their place in it through the study of humanities, science, mathematics, languages, the arts, and physical education. In this way, Town prepares graduates who are “well-rounded, articulate, resilient, morally responsible individuals” and are models for others.

Outstanding Faculty

Support excellent teaching through a commitment to professional development and meaningful evaluation. Focus on attracting, hiring, and retaining top-notch teachers who demonstrate excellence in the classroom, who believe in the power of collaboration and continuous improvement, and who have a demonstrated passion for supporting children to realize their full potential.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

Ensure that the curriculum and teaching are responsive to the needs of students and are informed by research and best practice. Develop curriculum that builds awareness of community and the world and challenges students to understand their potential impact. Build confidence and independence through a balance of nurture and challenge.

Schedule & Facility

Design a schedule that provides structure and predictability to promote learning and also allows for the flexibility to pursue passions in depth. Maximize Town’s facility to provide a learning environment that stimulates intellectual and ethical development. Create new types of teaching and learning spaces to stimulate creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. Exploit opportunities to use New York City as an extension of our classrooms.

Co-Curricular Programs & Athletics

Ensure that every opportunity to teach and reinforce Town’s values is maximized. Identify opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-divisional connections. Town’s athletic, after school, and summer programs are critical components to supporting the mission and values in all areas of the school.

Community Engagement

Town students can both impact and be enriched by our connection to the world outside our walls. Believing that our graduates will be leaders locally, nationally and internationally, it is important to build that interest and capacity early through service, partnerships, and opportunities for real-world problem solving.

Interaction with NYC & the World

Expand and enhance curricular connections to our city, country, and world. Create opportunities to see, experience, learn from, and impact our community.

Service Leadership

Teach students the value of service and the positive impact they can have on others. Pursue ways in which students can exercise their problem solving and leadership capacity in real-world issues in our community.


Actively cultivate lasting partnerships in the community that will allow students to observe the cumulative impact of engagement over time.


The Town School is an inclusive community that believes each of us is enriched by an environment that is welcoming and embracing of all students, families, caregivers, faculty, staff, and alumni/ae. As a community that celebrates its diversity and is purposefully inclusive, our students actively live out our values and are better equipped to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

School Culture

Actively cultivate a school culture that is inclusive and supportive of all. Foster an appreciation for how we are enriched by our different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Enrollment, Admissions, and Financial Aid

Ensure that admissions and financial aid policies and procedures support and reflect Town’s mission and use them to strengthen our diversity and inclusivity.

Constituent Engagement

Town’s story is a special one; effectively communicating that story is the best, most authentic way to engage all constituencies in the life of the school. Sharing compelling, useful, timely information with current and prospective community members will foster strong relationships, help Town remain accountable to its mission and values, and encourage all constituents to add their narratives to Town’s story. Joy in learning, core values, and the continuity of Town’s focus on child-centered education should be common threads highlighted in all communication.

Celebrating Town

Share the successes of students, faculty, and alumni/ae to illuminate what makes Town special. Cultivate stories and storytellers and identify the most effective method for sharing them with different constituencies.


Alumni/ae represent our greatest “evidence” of Town’s mission in action. We must foster lasting relationships with our alumni/ae with an emphasis on two-way communication and evolving connections: sharing Town stories, collecting alumni/ae stories and providing avenues for alumni/ae to connect with Town and each other.

Parent Partnership

Collaboration between parents and Town is critical to each child’s success and is fostered through effective communication. Develop strategies and leverage technology to provide timely, targeted communication with parents.

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