Financial Aid

We are committed to supporting our families.

Town's current budget for financial aid is $2,800,000; approximately 19% of current students receive financial assistance. In addition to financial aid grants for tuition, Town's Esther Kramer Fund helps families pay for other costs, such as tutoring and testing, that can be part of the cost of attending Town. Additional support may include reduced fees for events and financial support for students needing counseling.

Start your financial aid process with this important letter:

Please Review: Letter from our CFO About Town's Financial Aid Process

Fall 2019

Dear Parents,

If you wish to apply for Financial Aid for the academic year 2020-2021, this letter will outline Town’s process and the steps you need to follow.  

Please note that TADS is your source for enrollment contracts and billing in addition to financial aid.  

Here are some important reminders about eligibility and deadlines for financial aid:

  • Financial Aid is available for students in grades Kindergarten through 8 only. 
  • To be eligible for consideration, you must submit required materials by the due dates specified.  Applications must be received by December 31, 2019. 
  • Divorced and/or separated parents must submit independent financial information unless they present documents proving no fiscal responsibility for the child.  
  • If your child has a sibling in another tuition paying school, you must also apply for financial aid to the other school(s) in order to be considered for aid at Town.  

Applications are accepted after November 1, 2019 and will not be reviewed until complete. To get started on the Financial Aid application, please follow this link to the TADS website.  In order to complete your application, you will need the following materials:

  • 2018 federal tax return and supporting tax documentation (W2, 1099, recent paystubs, etc.)
  • Your utility bills
  • Rent or mortgage payment information
  • Debt information (credit card debt, loans, medical bills, etc.)

If you completed an application last year, then we already have your 2018 tax return. Please note that we will be requesting your 2019 tax return as soon as it is completed.

Your application must be complete by December 31, 2019.  If you have questions at any point about the process, please feel free to call Freda Gimpel or Deborah Ashe.  All of your inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence.


Freda Gimpel, CPA, Chief Financial Officer          
212.288.4383 x112

Deborah AsheDirector of Admissions & Enrollment
212.288.4383 x116

Start your application.

You can access Town's financial aid application through TADS, and you can start the process today! Just follow the steps below:

  • Click here to go to the TADS website.
  • Select Financial Aid Assessment from the menu.
  • Create an account (or sign in, if you have used TADS before).
  • Select New York State and New York City.
  • Select The Town School.
  • Confirm the school year for which you are applying (2020-2021).

Our process is simple and confidential.

Parents must complete the TADS application form, which will help determine a family's estimated contribution to school costs. The Town School will then review this estimate and the applicant’s current year Federal income tax return to determine the actual financial aid grant. The Head of School, the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Admissions are the only people who review financial aid applications. All information is held in strict confidence.

Once the family's application is reviewed, the committee makes a determination and then communicates financial aid award information to families whose children have been accepted. Financial aid is given for the academic year - families must reapply for aid every year. All financial aid is based on need; Town does not offer merit scholarships. All families who receive financial aid make some contribution to the cost of tuition.

  • Please note: Financial Aid begins at Kindergarten and is not available for Nursery 3 or Nursery 4 students.
  • If families have a child attending another tuition-charging school, they must also apply for aid at that school in order to be eligible for aid at The Town School.
  • All Financial Aid Application materials for 2020-21 are due no later than December 31, 2019.
  • If you have questions at any point about the process or the criteria for evaluating your application, please feel welcome to call The Town School Business Office at 212-288-4383. All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence.

Is my family eligible for financial aid?

Many factors go into determining whether a family demonstrates the need for financial aid. Family income, net worth, assets, debt, and the number of children in tuition-charging schools are some of the variables. Financial need is defined as the difference between the costs of a school and the family’s ability to pay for these expenses. If in doubt about eligibility, please ask us! 

The following benefits are available for families receiving financial aid.

  • Reduced After School Programs Fees: Postscript and Jr. Postscript are after-school programs offering classes such as woodworking, art, jujitsu or chess. Clubhouse is an after-school drop-in program open every day until 6:00 p.m. that features supervised play and arts and crafts with two wonderful faculty members.
  • Discounted tickets for the annual Benefit Party.
  • Other forms of support may be available. Please do not ever hesitate to request a confidential conversation with Freda Gimpel, Chief Financial Officer, or Deborah Ashe, Director of Admissions and Enrollment.


Freda Gimpel, Chief Financial Officer, or Deborah Ashe, Director of Admissions and Enrollment, are always happy to talk with you!


540 East 76th Street
New York 10021
p 212-288-4383
f 212-988-5846